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Vídeo en el que se exponen el resultado final del proyecto


Diversidad de cámaras que controlan las condiciones meteorológicas desde posiciones fijas



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Topic goal
"Promote adaptation to climate change and prevention and risk management"
Specific goal
"Improve the capacity to respond to possible natural risks that affect the cooperation area"

Meteorological Surveillance System for the Monitoring of Environmental Risks

ViMetRi-MAC is an alternative environmental risk monitoring project that complements traditional methods and provides innovative values.

It uses the existing terrestrial communication systems through radio links, for the detection of events through the analysis of the variations of its quality parameters. For example, the received signal power levels have the capacity to manifest different meteorological phenomena, such as rain, snow, hail, haze, haze or gases.

It is complemented with the use of deployed public and/or private video surveillance stations, which will be responsible, through pattern recognition techniques using images and sound, to detect also the events that may occur.

The final result is an innovative system that will be showed to companies and public institution in the MAC area. It will be useful for public companies (security and emergencies, etc), meteorology agencies (AEMET, IPMA- Madeira, etc), hotel and restaurant companies, travel agencies, transport companies, agriculture and livestock, etc.


The project encourages the development of public-private synergies to address the risks associated with meteorological events potentially causing disasters. A real-time system will be developed that facilitates the management of catastrophes in an optimal way in terms of population and territory.

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